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9th Annual Come and Get It Awards

I Wanted To Keep It Short, But I Can't! This Is Going To Take A Minute!The 9th Annual Come And Get It AwardsLifetime Achievement Award Recipient "Captain Mark Wood Jr." 


Photo Credit: Ted Hollins 

ORLANDO - A night with the stars. This night I didn't want it to end. If you were in the ballroom for the awards ceremony, then you were in the room with the big dogs. Before the evening could get off to a good start, my God starting to make things happen. The first thing was that Mr. Tom of "Star Cannon Searchlight Rental" donated a Searchlight to the event. I always wanted one to light up the sky while we celebrate life. Then DJ Fred showed up with all the music for the event. Next was Mr. Stanley Windom. He had just what I was looking for, the food for the dinner. Oh wow! Then all the volunteers showed up. I said well I can eat. Lol! I had to leave to go pick up our "Lifetime Achievement" award recipient "Captain Mark Wood Jr. of Lakeside." Captain Mark Wood Jr. spent two days with us celebrating not only this award, but also his birthday. I called and asked Dr. Otto Gomez if he would bring a birthday cake so we could celebrate with "The Captain" and he said yes. So on stage that night we did the thing. Lol! I want thank The City of Orlando, Orlando City Commissioner Regina I. Hill for the proclamation presented to Captain Mark Wood Jr. A special thanks to Patrice Scott Operations Manager, PASF Attorneys and Associate, and Kevin Drummond representing Blue Line Law Firm, Pllc, for helping us get Captain Mark Wood Jr. here so we could present him with his Lifetime Achievement Award. Also Thanks to Senator Randolph Bracy who also gave a proclamation to Captain Mark Wood, Jr., Grady Cone, SonsyStylez, Curtis Branson, Kevin T. Collins with The Orlando Times newspaper, DJ Fred, Adrienne Noel, Ted Hollins-Photographer, Rickie Weeks, Sr., Mark Wright-Ahern, Adrian Wright-Ahern, Cora Powell, Dr. Shanta Stubbs, Ms. Shay, Barbara Walker, Alvin Bell, Ovachi Bennett, Dr. Otto Gomez, Tracy Anderson, Willie Harris, Naomi Joy, John Henry Barber Shop, Wendell K. Barnett, Minister Johnny Benjamin Jr. and Terri Burns. My wife and I couldn't have been able to do this without all of you guys support as community partners. A special thanks to Mr. Curtis Branson video and film person and Stanley Windom "Windom Solutions" for the awesome dinner for the 2021 CAGIA. Captain Mark Wood Jr. blessed the audience with a performance of a lifetime with their hit song "Fantastic Voyage." The crowd went crazy and so did I, lol!Thanks to Mr. Kevin T. Collins of The Orlando Times newspaper and Jacqueline Cockerham aide to Commissioner Regina I. Hill for their outstanding job on reading all the proclamations and letters from The City of Orlando and the State and let's not forget his birthday celebration.We will see you at the 2022 10th Annual Come And Get It Awards "CAGIA."Five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ goes to The Callahan Neighborhood Center!Don't Meet Me There, Beat Me There!