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A Night with the Stars

A Night With The Stars! On Parramore! Running With The Big Dogs!The 9th Annual Come And Get It Awards Jazz Artists Of The YearRecipient "Najee"! 



ORLANDO - Let me try to explain something to you all about what you hear about "The Come And Get It Awards," that you may not know. So just to be clear about things, I don't have any training in 98.9% of what I do with the events that you see or hear about what I have done. I want to give back to communities around the world starting in my own community. This year's "Come And Get It Awards" ceremony was like no other. Someone said to me, "Mr. Williams your team is just an awesome group of people." I know that our awards ceremony could've been much better. The point that I'm trying to make is "The Come And Get It Awards" ceremony is all that to me and much more, but that's just me. Lol! I know that with a group of professional people working  areas such as staging, lighting, props, sound, preparation that's persistent and consistent, that "The Come And Get It Awards" ceremony will one day be the greatest awards ceremony of all time in the vacation capital of the world,the beautiful city of Orlando. I am just saying that my team and I are looking for a few professional individuals that will volunteer to help make "The Come And Get It Awards" show in the south one of the greatest awards ceremonies for our 10th anniversary. It will be held on Saturday December 10th, 2022. God has blessed my wife and I with some of the most awesome individuals that help us. They keep coming back to be a part of the greatest show in the south. Again that's my opinion. Lol! Every year my wife and I welcome back our team. Some of them are new to the team and others are returning members. This year's community service award recipients were Lisa Grant-Duguid, Central Florida Black Nurses Association, Stanley Windom, Curtis Branson, Shamara Owens, Terri Burns, Second Harvest Food Bank, Grady Cone, Glenn Wiley, ElouiseFluker, Yvonne Coleman, Annette Lewis and Isnel Rosario of Liberty Dental Plan. Let's see what the people had to say about this year's "Come And Get It Awards" ceremony starting with Mr. Will Smiley said, "Will here, definitely wanted to take the time the to thank Jimmie "Drop D" Williams for the invite to his Annual "Come And Get It Award" Event. It was a great event with "good people" in the building. During the event I got the opportunity to see and experience all the hard work that Jimmie, his wife Diannand his team put into the event and which ultimately gives back to the community. That's an awesome thing! What was also awesome was I got a chance to meet and greet one of the FUNK Masters of days gone by. One of the Funkateers of music from that super group back in the day. The Captain (I had to pull out a Classic Album Cover) on the "Fantastic Voyage" of that super group LAKESIDE. My man, Mr. Mark Wood. (That Boy and that Band laid down some Classic Cut.... oooooweeeee).  It was a pleasure meeting him. He's a Very Nice Brother.Anyway, keep up the good work my Brotha.... Thanks again "Drop D."  Continued success to you, your wife Diann and your team!"The Come And Get It Awards was a figment of my imagination. Now it's a realization.