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Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life One Year At A Time!Family Is Everything! 





ORLANDO - I just met this young lady a few years ago. She is my second cousin, my Mother's oldest brother's grandchild. Her Mother is my first cousin. I'm writing this story because everyone needs to remember to celebrate life every chance they get. Life is too short. My little cousin gives her all at everything she does. I'm so proud of her. She works very hard in the community. She is the CEO of Little Harvest Daycare serving in Central Florida in the vacation capital of the world,the city beautiful, Orlando. Her daycare is located across the street from Evans High School "Home of the Trojans" on Silverstar Road. Okay I'm going to tell you her name, just keep your shirts on okay. Lol! Anyway my little cousin found out about the work that my wife and I have been doing in the community. She asked me if she and her husband can help us give back to the community. Well you know me right! I said, Yes you can family, we always need help with the outreach." Okay I guess I'll tell you guys her name. Lol! Shamara Owens and her husband Warren Owens. Their daughter is Jada and her brother is Cody. My family! We celebrated Shamara's birthday like never before with family, friends and gym buddies. What I love about celebrating life is when you're a mother or father happily celebrating their child's birthday because they know that God has smiled uponthem. I'll tell you what I want you to do. Yes, what I'm talking about aint you reading this newspaper. Lol! Look the holidays are here. Spend time with family. I tell everyone that I love them and they can't do anything about it. Lol! To my little cousin, my wife and I want to say Happy Birthday and thank you for your support in giving back to the community. We wish you many more birthdays to come little cousin. Happy Birthday!