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Photo Cutline: Aaron Williams, Director of Columbia College Ė Orlando campus  

ORLANDO - Greetings community members and prospective students from the Columbia College Orlando Team! The last year has been a challenging one for all of us. I hope you are all taking the proper precautions of masking-up and washing hands to ensure safety from the corona virus. 

Because we have been out for so long, I feel a need to re-introduce myself. I am Aaron Williams, the Director of the Columbia College - Orlando Campus, and I am very pleased and proud to be a new part of the community and The Orlando Times newspaper readership. 

I want to impart a very important message to our community.We are shocked at the amount of people in our community that do not know that The Columbia College - Orlando Campus is near them and ready to meet your educational needs! For those readers and community members that aspire to attend college, but never thought that they could, here is your opportunity! All it takes to enroll into Columbia College - Orlando is your High School Diploma or a GED. Thatís right! A GED!      

We also have financial aid available for those who qualify. If you think that your finances might be a challenge, tuition money is nota problem! Our team of Professional Advisors and Support Assistants will walk you through the financial aid process, show you how to fill out the application form, and get you enrolled within oneortwo days! All you need is your driverís license or your state identification card, and your high school diploma      

If your job or work is in the way, we now offer classes in a virtual, in-seat, and online format. We will build a schedule that works around your schedule that can result in a certification, 2-year Associates Degree, or a 4-year Bachelorís degree and we offer over 120 different degree programs!  

So, even though you may not have known that Columbia College Orlando is here, now that you do, come on around the corner and enroll now! Again, we are located right here in your communityon the corner of Colonial Drive and John Young Parkway, at 2600 Technology Drive in Orlando. If you cannot come in, give us a call at 407-293-9911, or email us at 

Get started NOW! Remember, you heard it in The Orlando Timesnewspaper firstand Columbia College - Orlandocannot wait toget you started on that college degree you never thought would happen.  

No matter what you do, please stay safe and weíll see you soon.