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One Of Orlando's Hottest Entertainers! Mr. Gerald "JIT" Byron! The Myth, The Man, The Legend!
ORLANDO - The Pastor gave me two minutes to speak about a life time of music with my good friend Gerald Byron "The myth, the man, the legend." I said to myself, "ok I got this!" First of all Gerald Byron was a man of God. He believed in treating people fairly, He believed that practice made perfect, giving back and reaching back and lifting someone up. Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron toured the whole southeast with several bands and as a solo artist. He was a one band show. I, Jimmie "Drop D." Williams, have performed with Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron before I started with CL West Touch of Class Band. Back in those days I was rapping and dancing. I was a featured artist with his band. At that time I was still learning how to play the bass guitar. Ok, so I asked everyone in the Church to stand up if they were singer, dancer, or play any instruments. Over half of the church stood up. Now all of these people have been influence in one way or another by Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron. Some of them performed right beside him on stage, like myself. Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron gave the gift that God gave him, which is music and he gave it back to this world with heart through his music ability. One of the band members known as Flee was the drummer with Gerald "Jit" Byron for years. The Pastor had to give Flee her two minutes. Lol! Flee couldn't wait to talk about her longtime friend Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron. She said Gerald "Jit" Byron told her that in his life time he had gotten 4 standing ovations and he wanted one more. That's when she asked if the church would be so kind and stand and give Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron a standing ovation in honor of his wish. Oh boy, did he get one. Yes he did. It was an awesome feeling for me as an entertainer. Then another person got their two minutes. Lol! He did one memorable imitation of Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron that rocked the church. He started walking like Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron would walk. Man he had it down. Man we laughed so hard and cried at the same time. To the family of Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron, he gave us all a part of him that we will never forget. That's his music. We miss you already Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron, but we'll never forget you! You're playing and singing now only for our Lord and Savior. The family of Mr. Gerald "Jit" Byron would like to say thank you to everyone for your prayers and support during their time of grieving and for coming out and celebrating with them. 
Mr. Gerald "JIT" Byron! The Myth, The Man, The Legend!