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Life Skills Classes

Life Skills Classes, Thrift Shop Expand To Inverness, Florida 



INVERNESS - When life comes at us with its conflicts involving home, school, or work, if we don’t strategically think about what we should do or not do, we often fail. Employing life skills when handling conflicts help us better manage the bumps and curves life throws us. Life Skills can help determine how successful we will be in life. 

You can learn how to better navigate life with Ms. Avon Hambrick, who will have a grand opening of Life Skills Classes, Thrift and Resale Shop Monday, October 11, 2021 at 11 am at 121 N. Florida Ave, Suite B, Inverness, Florida 34453 

A single mom who raised two successful men, Avon Hambrick is dedicated to working with youth who didn’t complete their high school education, adults who pursued the wrong path in life, and others who may have been defeated because of their bad decisions.  She engages her participants, building self-confidence and encouraging wise decisions by instilling and teaching essential life skills. Her mantra: Don’t give up; learn and recover from your mistakes!    

Ms. Hambrick said she is not leaving Lake and Sumter Counties, but expanding to Inverness in Citrus County.   Basic life skills are still the basic curriculum, but classes in art - painting on glass, virtual appraisals, cooking with Ms. Bea and card making by hand with Ms. Debra will added at her non-profit C3 Life Skills Classes Thrift and Resale Shop. 

Teaching life skills are “a part of my make-up to serve my local community,” emphasized Ms. Hambrick, an ordained minister.  “This is my way of giving back and serving my community outside of church walls, the harvest is the community and it’s outside the church.” 

Ms. Hambrick started teaching life skills and providing biblical counseling to married couples, and single moms at her home in Wildwood, Florida. She told single moms not to repeat the same behaviors.  “There’s no compromise for life. ‘A man is not the plan’.  Empower and educate yourself, and seek opportunities to grow.” 

“Most of the time, we just talked. I showed them how God moved people in the Bible and reaffirmed them with prayer,” emphasized Ms. Hambrick, who’s not one of those so-called Christians, who have a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. 

Because of her willingness to work in the harvest - her community – where laborers are few, God made a way for her and she says: “To God Be the glory!” 

Pastor Chet Coker at Whitney Christian Ministries Worship Center in Mount Clair, Florida, offered her space to conduct her Life Skills program. Ms. Hambrick’s life skills program began to prosper. 

Ms. Hambrick connected with Mr. James Presley, Principal at Sumter P.R.E.P Academy in Wildwood, Florida, and partnered with them. Together they coordinated Training for Trades Summer Internship Program. Summer interns learned how to write resumes and business plans, were educated about Job Corps and vocations that paid well and didn’t require a college education, like reupholstering, covering a piece of furniture with new upholstery, and cosmetology, the cosmetic treatment of skin, hair and nails, and childcare. 

Career Source identified the interns and Manpower paid them $13. per hour for a 7.5 - hour day, Monday through Thursday for five weeks.  Sumter P.R.E.P. Academy secured a United Way grant for transportation which resolved the important issue of getting interns to and from the program every day. 

Ms. Hambrick’s relationship with P.R.E.P. Academy has been very positive and beneficial to its students for at least four summers. “Ms. Avon Hambrick is a beautiful and absolutely amazing, great support for our academy,” revealed Principal Presley.  She was appointed to our advisory council, where she helped make huge decisions on leadership and activities and resources for better students” 

High school dropouts were given a second chance when Ms. Hambrick partnered with Cornerstone Correspondence School in Georgia, where they worked for a high school diploma not a GED, which afforded them opportunities to attend community or junior colleges.  The average time a student worked to receive the diploma was 6 to 9 months. 

Ms. Hambrick’s track record for improving the quality of life for those she worked with includes success stories from her Life Skills programs like AmyraKensey and Chantal Bernard, both presently attending college. 

If you have made some mistakes and are not sure how to take control of your life and you want to learn how to be productive and successful, you should contact Ms. Hambrick.  She’s waiting for you with a big smile and open arms. 

For more information about Life Skills, please call 352-257-5636.