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Months After Maria Puerto Rico Is Still In the Dark


It has been months since hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Yet the once prominent tourist destination is still in shambles despite efforts to bring the U.S commonwealth back to eminence.

It was announced on November 27, 2017 that FEMA was transitioning Puerto Rico’s status from disaster response to recovery, but serious issues are still plaguing residents. In addition to the more than 30% of Puerto Ricans who are still without power, the threat of disease continues to grow.

Additionally, it was reported that the death toll was 64, however, it is being said that the territorial government has vastly undercounted deaths from the storm and its aftermath, with the true tally likely topping 1,000...

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Photo Editing Creates Unrealistic Expectations




Photo shopping, photo tweaking, editing; whichever term you use, they all relate to the alteration of a photograph to achieve a desired result.


Image manipulation is by no means a new concept, although the process has grown in popularity within the past decade. It is rare if not completely impossible to see a photo in an advertisement or in a magazine that has not received any form of “retouching”. Some of the main methods used are the representation of women as extremely thin, men as overly muscular and toned, and any other changes that fit the brand’s idea of beauty. However, just because most people are aware of this practice that does not mean that it is a problem that should be overlooked.


The manipulation of these photos has a major impact our society’s view of what is normal, healthy, and beautiful...

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Review: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Blasts Into Theaters And The Box Office


Trumpeting music, scrolling text, light sabers, and of course the force.

The block buster space opera known as the Star Wars franchise returns to the big screen in a big way. Leading the box office with a $220 million opening weekend and an accumulative $400 million domestic and $777 million earned worldwide in only 11 days.

With a lengthy history among fans, ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ becomes the 8th episode in the ongoing saga of the Skywalker family. Building upon the ever growing universe and introducing new characters, conflicts, and elements while also remaining true to the classic 70s films...

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‘Love Never Dies’ Brings Melodrama And Operatic Talents To The Dr. Phillips Center


ORLANDO - It is undeniable that the cast and crew of “Love Never Dies” did an incredible job bringing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sequel of his classic work “The Phantom of the Opera” to life.

The narrative picks up 10 years after the Phantom, portrayed by Bronson Norris Murphy, left Paris. Now a famous theater head at the famed Coney Island in New York, he is accompanied by Madame Giry (Karen Mason), her daughter Meg (Mary Michael Patterson), and various circus freaks.

Despite his success in the states, he still yearns for his first true love and musical protégée Christine Daaé, played by Meghan Picerno. In the opening number “‘Til I hear You Sing” the Phantom’s continued obsession with Daae is revealed. Murphey blew the audience away with his fantastic vocal performance which incorporated the dramatic and bruiting musical flairs that we have come to love from the original...

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