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ORLANDO - There's just so many great people doing some awesome work in the community. Wait! "Is that me in the picture?" Shut the door! Lol! You gotta love you some me, right? I be wherever God's people are doing his work. It was "National Night Out" all over the US.National Night Out is a community-police awareness-raising event in the United States, held the first Tuesday of August. Communities came together to Express their concerns and show their appreciation to those that serves our community. Those individuals are people just like you and I knowing that it takes team efforts to have a great community. So to each and every one of you that stood up and went out and gave your time to support your community you, are a very important part of your


community. Keep up the awesome work because you are greatness. Wow! Just look at those pictures. I know that I look good. Lol! Listen up the Pine Hills community came out and supported their "National Night Out." It was just an amazing experience for me being there with some of the Pine Hills community leaders such as pastors and nonprofit organizations. Also in attendance was Orange County Sheriff John Mina, Senator Randolph Bracy 11th District, State Representative Danielle Brown, Orange County Commissioner Victoria Silpin District 6 and Former Florida Senator Gary Silpin. Organizations that received appreciation certificates were Pine Hills community Council, Hiawassee Highland, Pine Hills Safe Neighborhood and the Pine Hills Community Center. State Representative Danielle Brown said, "It's important that we build relationships to make sure the community has what it needs so the community can be successful. We are here to build our future for our kids also help the police just like we want them to help us. So we can build a strong and better future for our community." Well said State Representative Danielle Brown. Orange County Sheriff John Mina said, "They are giving back to the community from drug money of one hundred thousand dollars in community grants to organizations in the Pine Hills communities. Sheriff Mina also said that there were seven organizations at the National Night Out that had already received some of the community grant funds." Senator Randolph Bracy of 11th District said, "he feels the same way he did when he took office and that's he is here to make a difference.  He also said that he believes in a strong community and today as he looked around he could see a strong community. He stated that he will continue working for the people."Hey guys this Jimmie Williams and I'll see you next year at your "National Night Out."Don't Meet Me There! Beat Me There!