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Orlando Research Project ToDesign An Intelligent Digital Assistant For Black Men Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer 



CENTRAL FLORIDA - The Central Florida Pharmacy Council has been granted a research opportunity funded by the American Cancer Society and Pfizer. The proposed research project will design and develop a conversational prostate cancer decision aide that improves shared decision making for Black men diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. Shared decision making is a process in which patients and clinicians work together to make medical decisions based on clinical evidence and is vital to the selection of medical treatment. However, for an individual to make an informed decision and fully participate in the shared decision making process, they must first understand the disease and its treatment options.  

Annually, more than 29,000 Black men in the United States will be newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Black men are considered to be at high risk for prostate cancer and suffer disproportionately from this cancer.  It has been well documented that Black men have limited access to recommended prostate cancer resources and do not have all the information that is needed when making their treatment decisions, which is vital during shared decision making conversations. The use of evidence based tools, known as patient decision aides,have been used to support patient participation in shared decision making, helping them to set their own goals and clarify their values. 

Dr. Angela Adams, founder of the Black Men’s Health Summit, will serve as the principal investigator for the project. She will lead the research team employing a community-based participatory research methodology approach in the design and development of the aide. The patient decision aide will use artificial intelligent technology to provide educational information about prostate cancer treatment options and will be culturally appropriate for Black men. Dr. Adams states that “Black men are two times more likely to die prematurely from prostate cancer than White men and understanding all the facts about available prostate cancer treatment options is a game changer for beating this cancer.” 

Who can participate? 

*Black men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer 

*Black men over age 30 who have never been diagnosed with prostate cancer  

*A spouse, relative, caregiver, or friend of a Black man who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is at least 21 years of age 

*Physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists and health care team members who provide care to Black men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer 

*Prostate cancer advocates 

What are the requirements for participation? 

*Be willing to provide advice and ideasfor the design of an innovative conversational prostate cancer treatment tool that is literacy and culturally appropriate for Black men. The tool will provide easily understood information about current and available prostate cancer treatment options, side effects and expected outcomes. 

*Attend two focus group sessions that will be held virtually or locally in the Central Florida area.  Each focus group session will last approximately 2 hours. You will be compensated in gift cards for your participation. 

When do you participate?  

*The next focus group session begins in November2021, and you will be compensated with a $100gift cardfor your participation. 

*To complete the research study, a follow up focus group session will be held in early 2023 where you will also be compensated with a $100 gift card for your participation.  

How to participate?  

*Call:  Central Florida Pharmacy Council @ 407- 647-9339