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State of Downtown Address

The Downtown Orlando Partnership, 2021 State Of Downtown Address  



ORLANDO - Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer held his 2021 State of Downtown Address at the Exploria Stadium in Downtown Orlando’s Parramore neighborhood. Mayor Dyer address was like a town hall style event. This was my first time attending Mayor Dyer's State of Downtown Address. He shared the latest on the continued revitalization of Downtown Orlando. As a resident of the Parramore community I was thinking what would I ask our City Mayor about and it just came to mind. So I would ask about the challenges of housing and helping the homeless and opportunities for the residents of the Parramore community. While I was thinking about it someone in the audience asked Mayor Dyer about the homelessness in Orlando. Mayor Dyer went straight to the point regarding it and went on to say that he would like to see people give their money to organizations that focuses on the homelessness needs, because these organizations makes it's their job to help people on the streets. Mayor Dyer was clear about stop giving your money to the people on the street and give it to organizations that can provide to the less fortunate with the care that they need. By listening to Mayor Buddy Dyer take on all the questions from the residents and businesses owners about the future of the City of Orlando, I can tell you we're in good hands with this City leadership. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer stood his ground as the Mayor of the vacation capital of the world and beautiful City of Orlando. See you next year at the 2022 State of Downtown Address.Don't Meet Me There, Beat Me There!