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Virtual Pre Legislation Session

Democrats Sponsors First Virtual Pre Legislation Session For Floridians 



Photo Cutline: Ben Frazier at Gov. DeSantis’ news conference listening to assistant explain why he is not allowed to address the Governor. Later Mr. Frazier was arrested and given a citation. (Screen shot grab from 

JACKSONVILLE - Longtime community activist Ben Frazier immediately called out Governor Ron DeSantis for his authoritarian leadership at The People’s Rally: Florida’s Legislative Kick-Off” Monday,, January 10, saying,“I suggest to you that we will not sit by in silence as this Governor run roughshod in a dictatorial manner over the rights of the people.” 

“Until the people finally come first, we will rally, assemble, march, protest, and we will be heard, a bodacious Ben Frazier asserted, who was recently arrested and given a citation at Governor DeSantisnews conference to health officials in Jacksonville, Florida. 

“Florida is not a free state if the Governor shuts down anyone who speaks out against him.  Florida is not a free state if the politicians in charge are afraid to hear the voice of the people,concluded Frazier, the founder of Jacksonville’s Northside Coalition and the keynote speaker at the virtual politic event. 

The pre Legislative Session activity also included state Democratic representatives and community organization leaders who briefly discussed some upcoming bills in the Senate and the House for women's rights, immigration, education funding and other issues affecting the quality of life for Floridians.  

The first virtual Peoples Legislation Rally's purpose, according to State Representative Angie Nixon (Democrat-District 14), a People’s Legislative Rally organizer,was to highlight people centered bills they want passed, and to help Floridians learn more about the importance and the process of the annual Legislative Session, which begins January 11 and runs for 60 days, endingMarch 11, 2022. 

Bills presented by Republican legislators are centered around corporations and the wealthy,explained Representative Nixon.Democratswant bills to pass that improve the quality of life for all Floridians, bills that secure freedom to be safe, healthy and prosperous.”  

Most discussion focused on saving our democracyRepresentative Tracie Davis said we haven’t seen the impact of the voter suppression law DeSantispassed. Despite saying Florida’s election wasthegold standard forthe country, DeSantis wants election investigators. 

It’s incumbent to fight for undocumented immigrants. They have given so much, we must keep fighting for them, said Representative Marie Woodson. 

Representative Anna Eskamani wants affordable childcare in Florida and wants the big tax breaks corporations received to stop. She introduced HB 85 because mother’s cannot use their food stamps to pay for diapers 

The first People’s Legislative Rally went really well, said Representative Nixon. “It was successful because some people were motivated. Some people learned a lot about the legislative session processand some people got involved.” 

The process to make a bill a law includes a legislator from the House and the Senate who introduces the bill to a committee for review. If the pass bill passes the committee’s review it then goes to the House and Senate for review. If the bill passes both Legislative chambers it’s sent to the Governor for his signature or veto. There are least 938 bills to be reviewed in the 2022 Legislative Session.