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Photo Cutline: Zabrina Young 

SEMINOLE COUNTY - Zabrina Young, certified teacher and Chief Educator of the newly established virtual learning academy has brought an alternative education program and school to our community. Mrs. Young thinking that there is a need for an online academy,an actual school at this time online.  Mrs. Young, wanting to change the face of education and learning launched Zyberspace on August 11, 2021.  Mrs. Young has taught in both public and private schools for the past 25 years in Seminole County. She taught first grade,virtually, in Seminole County this past year. Her experience led her to plan and open a virtual school where all classes, support and extracurricular activities are held online.

Mrs. Young is a product of Seminole County’s public schools. She attended Hamilton Elementary School; Lakeview and Sanford Middle Schools and graduated from Seminole High School.  Her college education began at, what was then, Seminole Community College where she earned an Associate of Science in Childhood Development, a Bachelor of Science in Education from Florida State and a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning with a Concentration in Technology from The University of Arizona. After completing her degree in technology, teaching online has been her drive to own, open and operate Zyberspace Learning Online Academy.

Kay Ernest, a retired teacher from Seminole County Public Schools, a friend and mentor to Mrs. Young, named the school. Six years ago, Mrs. Young had started a day care program with the same name, Zyberspace, so why not let the Z’s go on?  Mrs. Young’s daughter, Zaniya, designed the school’s logo.  Her husband, Will Young and her mother, Josephine Sanders have been her staunchest supporters on this journey. Mrs. Young says of her first name that “her mother did not name her Zabrina with a ‘Z’ to fit in since she was unique, and therefore Mrs. Earnest felt that her school’s name should also start with a ‘Z’ to have the uniqueness of the school emphasized as has been Mrs. Young and her ideas.”

Mrs. Young states that she “believes we’re losing students by the way we teach them; if a child can’t learn the way we teach them maybe we should teach them the way they learn.” She goes on to state: I have always wanted to be a teacher; but up to this point, had not really followed my passion, but now, I’m walking in my purpose.” 

Zyberspace’s mission and goals are to “educate the future” using interactive curriculum, which is timely, engaging, while providing immediate feedback to kindergarten through 5th grade students and their parents. The core curriculum is “hands on” and consists of language arts, math, science, and social studies. K-1 students do not receive social studies in their classes.

Zyberspace uses “NEARPOD” as its real time learning platform where teaching strategies integrate differentiated instruction for each student. Videos, Writing Club, Book Club and Art club are ancillary strategies used in student instruction. Either students’ progress or lack of may be used to guide students, teachers and parents toward a path better suited for achievement of student success. Formative assessments are inherent in measuring student growth.Parents and teachers enter into a collaborative agreement when students are enrolled in order to regularly discuss students’ strengths, weaknesses, and progress. Online parenting conferences are essential and required.


Zyberspace is a limited liability company (LLC), currently with a staff of three teachers and the Chief Educator.The school has “affordable tuition” for student enrollment to its “Learning Online Academy”Zyberspace has been approved by the State of Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) to operate the Virtual School. With this platform, students may be enrolled across all 50 states. Currently there are 25 students registered and attending online classes.

More information and the Enrollment Forms may be accessed on the school’s website atzyberschool@myzyberspace.com. You may telephone the school at 321.614.1625 

Zyberspace Learning Online Academy’smotto is “Doing School Differently”.